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We all know the American dream in which we are the people of the big world, living in the big apple and spreading smiles in an American accent everywhere. The same dream can certainly come true but it is important to understand at the very beginning of the road to its realization that it is necessary to go through several stages until the desired result.

Immigration lawyer: US

It’s time to catch America the safe way planning to move to the U.S? Dreaming of a green card? You better do it right before your dream in English. An immigration lawyer is exactly what you need

Attorney for Immigration

Today, at a time when there are many restrictions on immigration under the presidential decrees, it is recommended more than ever to deal with the issue of immigration to the United States only by a skilled and professional immigration lawyer in Calgary with international experience located in the United States and updated daily on what is happening.

What is a visa?

Passport checks or documents are used instead of passports to show entry permits before entering the country, a visa must be obtained from the destination, and each country has its visa type defined according to the purpose of the traveler.

Family visa

Relocation of the residence and nationality of the parents and children. The spouse must have clear evidence of the relationship, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, birth certificate, etc.

Working visa

To come to work with high experience and expertise. He has special expertise and is on Australia’s shortage of careers list. With and without sponsors

Business and Investment visa

Investing must have business experience and investment. Temporary business innovation and investment visas are required to invest in opening a business first. If the business goes well, it will eventually be able to obtain a permanent visa.

Immigration law

There are all types of visas and green cards based on work, investment, and special abilities in all areas of life. We specialize in assisting high-tech, real estate, and communications companies, as well as solutions for entrepreneurs, artists from around the world, renowned chefs, researchers, doctors, and academics. In addition, they handle immigration on a family basis – wedding cases, family unification, and citizenship applications.